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Process Excellence is Our Passion

Our carefully designed processes ensure attention to detail in planning and execution of projects. Dedicated, multidisciplinary teams work closely with the Sponsor to understand every need for each project. Our professionals provide high levels of customization, down to the last detail. Inherent in our processes are innovative delivery solutions, ensuring that we function as a seamless extension of the Sponsor team.

We have comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our every process across all service areas. The SOPs are the starting point in establishing a culture of process excellence. These SOPs are designed to ensure consistent quality performance as well as regulatory and ethical compliance. The SOPs are a reflection of our stringent policies, standards and business practices.

DiagnoSearch is at the forefront in leveraging technology for an integrated approach to real-time Risk Management & quality Clinical Trial Management. The Wide-Angle-Data platform enables Quality by Design approach in transparent and efficient conduct of clinical trials and helps in improving data quality and reducing timelines and cost.