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At DiagnoSearch, we believe that our Team is our most valuable asset. The Team’s steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and the eagerness to continuously redefine benchmarks truly sets us apart from other CROs.

The Team largely consists of Medical Professionals, post-graduates and graduates in Pharmacy and post-graduates in Life Sciences & Statistics. The entire Team is thoroughly trained in ICH-GCP and other applicable guidelines and is well-versed with all the relevant regulatory requirements. Further, DiagnoSearch’s unique mentorship program, extensive on-the-job training and customized project specific training ensures that team members are completely familiar with their role in each project.

Strategic job-rotation initiatives at DiagnoSearch have led to the development of significant cross-functional knowledge and expertise - an asset that is priceless for the conceptualization, planning and execution of complex global Clinical Development Programs.

Additionally, DiagnoSearch has invested in the creation of well-trained cross-functional Risk Managers who ensure the successful management of a clinical study using Risk Management principles.

Our average annual employee attrition rate has been < 12%, enabling our clients to work with knowledgeable, competent and experienced teams project after project.

Key Executives:

Dr. Vasudeo Ginde

A physician by training, Dr. Vasudeo Ginde was an eminent clinical research thought leader. After playing a pivotal role in setting up Eli Lilly’s Indian clinical research infrastructure in the early 1990s, he co-founded DiagnoSearch in 1995. A keen enthusiast of leveraging technology for optimizing clinical research functions, he was actively involved in several successful technological transformation initiatives at DiagnoSearch.



Dr. Manisha Ginde
Co-founder and President

Dr. Manisha Ginde, a physician and pathologist by training, co-founded DiagnoSearch in 1995. She heads the Central Laboratory & Medical Services Teams at DiagnoSearch. She is also a trained Internal Auditor (ISO 9001:2000& ISO 15189-2012) and has completed College of American Pathologists (CAP) Inspector Certification. She has supported the development of SOPs and standardization of assays for several leading government and university laboratories across the world.


Dr. Vinod Mattoo
Executive Director

Dr. Vinod Mattoo joined DiagnoSearch’s leadership team in May 2023 as Executive Director. Dr. Mattoo has a wealth of experience spanning 30+ years across medical, operational, strategic, and commercial functions at Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Amgen and shall lead overall operations and strategic growth initiatives at DiagnoSearch.

Mandar Vaidya
Vice President, Operations

Mr. Mandar Vaidya is an accomplished management professional with 27+ years of experience. He heads Clinical Operations, Data Management, Biostatistics, IWRS & Information Technology at DiagnoSearch. Mandar has been instrumental in setting up DiagnoSearch's operations in South East Asia and Africa and is actively engaged in scaling up DiagnoSearch's team to cater to our clients' requirements in India, Africa and South East Asia. 

Dr. Arati Borkar
Director - Quality Assurance

A dental surgeon by training, Dr. Arati Borkar joined the organization in 1999 as a Quality Manager for Central Laboratory operations and gained rich cross-functional experience over the years, having worked in various areas of the organization. She currently heads the Quality Assurance team. Dr. Borkar is actively involved in designing and conducting various in-house and external training programs and has extensive experience as an independent auditor for investigational sites and analytical laboratories across the world.

The average Clinical Research experience of senior team members is 22+ years and their average association with DiagnoSearch is 20+ years. Considering the short history of Clinical Research in India, these can indeed be considered very significant metrics.

Our Team’s focus on continually evaluating and understanding our clients' needs to develop customized solutions greatly contributes to a very high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.